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I have always considered myself fairly active. I enjoyed spending time playing racquetball, riding bike, kayaking, going to the gym, etc. Fast forward a few years to the life of a full time employee and mother of young children, and all of a sudden my free time was spent cooking and cleaning and entertaining the kiddos. That is about the time we heard of Farrell's for the first time. A friend of mine was signing up with her husband so I thought I'd try to somehow convince Joe. Well it didn't take much convincing since he already had a friend that had been going at another location!
I found it hard to come up with an excuse to not go to the gym, after all it was only 45 minutes! The workouts were great and the people we met through FXB were awesome! I found that I would push myself way harder when working out with a group than I did doing my old workouts on my own! Some mornings I would roll over to ask Joe to go to the 5am class so I could go to 6am but before he would get out of bed I would say never mind I want to go to see my 5am friends! When you are excited to see the people you work out with you almost forget what a great workout you are getting!
And that was just the beginning!
Like so many of our members, I had a wake up call! I was laying in bed one evening watching TV and eating a snack. My daughter came up to me and rubbed my stomach and said " Daddy, you have a budda belly ". That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had been hearing about this amazing gym (Farrell's) from friends and family and now they opened one up just a mile from my home. It was time to try to make a change!
My wife Darcie and I signed up together. We had to go to separate classes as we have young children that couldn't be left unattended. When I started the program, I weighed 190 lbs and wore a size 36 waist. I thought that this would be like every other YMCA, Lifetime, Anytime or Golds that I had belonged to in the past. I would lose interest in a few weeks and go back to my old habits. I was wrong.... I found that after a few weeks, I couldn't imagine NOT going to the gym. It was then that I realized that Farrell's wasn't just a gym, but a family! We finished the 10 week challenge and had great results. I felt stronger and had lots more energy! I was down in weight, body fat and pant size! My wife looked amazing as well! We stayed on as FIT members and have never looked back!
We realized that we wanted to be a real part of Farrell's, not just members. It was then that we became coaches and shortly there after instructors. It was a natural fit for both my wife and I . I have a martial arts background. I have studied Muay Thai, Goju and have had short stints in other martial arts as well, so it felt very natural to instruct the kickboxing workouts.

Our friendship with Brian and Amy Fritz grew and we decided it would be great to open a Farrell's together! July 19th 2014, we did just that! We opened a Farrell's in New Hope! It has been a very fun and exciting year! We knew that we weren't done yet. We are excited to bring Farrell's to Eagan! We look forward to continuing our fitness journey and seeing the changes in others!

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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Eagan
1278 Town Centre Drive
Eagan, MN 55123

Phone: (763) 248-2710
Head Coach: Kayla Hanson
Email: joehill@extremebodyshaping.com
Franchise Owners: Darcie & Joe Hill



Storefront of Farrell's Eagan